Factors Considered When Choosing Online Slots

There are many online slots that you can choose from. This article is going to help you in choosing the best slot game. The following are some of the features that you should look for when choosing an online slot.


Most of the online casinos are known for offering progressive jackpots to the players. This has increased the chances of winning big prizes. These jackpots continue growing until they are won. Players can increase the chances of winning progressive jackpots by placing maximum stakes.jackpot-cash money

Other jackpots that are very famous include multiplier jackpots. These are special jackpots that pay according to the amount wagered or staked by players. Other jackpots that offer high regular payouts are the standalone slots. They pay out according to their payout schedules.

Slot types

Most of the traditional three-reel slots have been phased out by the online slots. This is mainly attributed to the high number of people who are using the internet. However, some players prefer the old-school slots. Most of the online slots have five playlines. They also feature improved graphics and bonus rounds. This is what makes them more superior than the traditional slot games.


This involves picking the slot games based on themes. This is helpful for those guys who do not have an idea of what progressive jackpots or paylines are. One of the slot games that are loved by many people is the Pink Panther. Branding is very important when it comes to picking slots. Branding is very crucial and it should not be underestimated. The following are some of the popular themes and the slots based on them.

  • Animal-based- Razortoth
  • Horror-themed- Blood Suckers
  • Space and Alien themed-Aliens Robots
  • Magic themed- A Night Out

Mobile orientation

Many players are using their smartphones when playing online slots. However, some slots cannot be played in the smartphone’s portrait mode. It is therefore important to choose a slot that can be played using an android device.android phone

Return to player

Many players don’t know the meaning of the return to play. This is one of the technical terms used in casinos. It describes the percentage of the wagered money that is paid back to over time to the players. It is mainly hidden at the pages containing the slot’s terms and conditions. Picking slots that have RTP are one of the best ways of improving the chances of walking away with a profit from a slot.