Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Banned


Legal gambling is mainly monitored or controlled by various government agencies. The act of legalizing gambling has attracted many people to it. Many governments have been getting taxes from lotteries, casinos, and jackpots. However, most of these systems are highly susceptible to fraud. It is also practised in those regions where it is considered to be illegal. Declaring it illegal cannot prevent people from doing it. The following are the main reasons why gambling should be banned.

It is subjected to fraud

Gambling is among of the fastest growing industries in different parts of the world. Legalizing it can increase the level of corruption in some departments of the state government. Some agencies are addicted to the high amount of revenues generated from lotteries and Indian gambling. This is the main reason why you have heard many cases that are related to fraud and corruption in state lotteries.fraud-corruption

Gambling facilities have increased the risk associated with problem gambling

Legalized gambling is portrayed as one of the harmless forms of entertainment activities. It is an industry that has attracted many people to it who are after winning money and having fun. Uncontrolled gambling is destructive and addictive. Furthermore, many people would avoid gambling illegally. Legalizing it has enticed people to gamble some of whom would not gamble if it was not legalized. Legalizing gambling has also stimulated acts of illegal gambling.

It exploits the poor

Studies have shown that gambling often destroys and hurts. This is something that has affected the disadvantaged and the poor in the society. If this form of activity were not legalized, you would not find any site that is promoting casinos, lotteries and other forms of online betting. These sites have ended up exploiting the vulnerable people in the community.

It sets double standards for the government

Most governments have been raising taxes from the state lotteries. Legalized gambling is one of the disturbing government policies. A good government should aim at promoting desirable traits in its citizens. It should stop seducing them to gamble. This is something that has ended up increasing the level of corruption in the society. Legalizing this form of entertainment is considered as one of the bad social policies. Raising money exploiting individuals’ greed and stupidity is immoral.lotteries

The number of compulsive gamblers is estimated to be about 12 million. It has become extremely difficult to reform these individuals. In addition to this, gamblers have been losing a lot of money through this activity. On average, a compulsive gambler has a debt of about 80,000 USD.…